Monday, September 19, 2011

Just came across this current event (below) at the DeCordova Museum website. A beautiful museum in a beautiful location (Lincoln, MA,) with an attached school for drawing, painting, ceramics, and other traditional arts.

I post this as an example of something that while cool, gets shoehorned in to the same notional category as painting. Is painting just so boring, or does it just have so few adherents and devotees that museums require a vaudeville lineup of disparate acts to survive? I guess the answer is yes. Perhaps we can work on changing this situation, a sad one for all the painters out there.

From the website:

"Visit deCordova Tuesday, September 20–Sunday, September 25 and witness Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson building their way from the first floor of the Museum to the fourth floor.

Ward and Doug will not come down from their "cat walk" until they have reached the fourth floor. Don't miss this chance to interact with the artists as they perform their high stakes building game. "

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